Somehow it’s already 15 days into 2013. Is time moving faster, or is it just me? Sorry, guys, for neglecting this blog so much. And, honestly, the amount of posting I do here… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

From the cutest dang nephew there ever was: Hope you have a great one, minions! See you in the New Year.

The Contemporary Sailor

The Contemporary Sailor My new blog/vlog chronicling my life in the Navy and offering what little advice I have on the subject to hopefuls. Also check it out for extra patriotism and me… Continue reading

PB&J Together at Last

So this happened: My amazing friend and critique partner, Jess Silva, came to visit me in Arizona! Two awesome days of giggles, baking (the most delicious snickerdoodles of all time, peanut butter and… Continue reading

December Kat-Crits, with special awesome for NaNo Winners

How is it December already? Seriously guys. This year is ZOOMING by. Although I bet part of my shock is living in the desert. Sure, it’s December–but it’s also still over 75 degrees… Continue reading

Paris’ Cathedrals: Stained Glass

So…confession here (hah! it’s a pun!): I’m not particularly religious. I’m a particular lazy breed of “believer” that I occasionally call agnostic if I feel like sounding smart. Mostly I accept science, but… Continue reading

Anime Vegas Cosplay: Best of the Best

Or I should probably say My Favorites, because I didn’t manage to get pictures of everyone, and seriously, there were some amazing cosplayers. It was my very first anime convention (well, convention in… Continue reading

Random Music Recommendations

So, as I avoid writing/NaNo (hahahaha…), inhale books like they’re pumpkin pie (in the last few weeks: What’s Left of Me, EON, Mastiff, The Liar’s Moon, Liar Society, the DUFF, Cinder,¬†For Darkness Shows… Continue reading