Things I Will Miss

As a reminder for how damn great America is, and for personal sobbing when, like the two times it happened in China, I’m feeling homesick and sorry for myself.  Also, brief luvvies for friends and family. 


  • Carebear, my ever fluffy, ever contrary, cat of pure wonderfulness
  • Mom’s cooking (including, but not limited to, Grandma’s Chili, corned beef and cabbage, SOS, and the impromptu salads with those delicious, sugary pecans)
  • Mom’s rain dances
  • Cracking dumb jokes with Dad
  • Annoying Hero, my mother’s yellow-bellied not-quite kitten
  • Burger King
  • English television and easily accessible movies (I’m bringing some but, ah… On Demand)
  • The whole Harry Potter series (only bringing #7)
  • “I’m Bored” conversations with my sisters
  • Late-night talks with Jon
  • Me 'n' me friends

    Me 'n' me friends

  • Going back to Spokane, and being with my friends (drinking with Marie, complaining with Kory, surprising Emma, and hanging out with Amanda; hookah-time with Kris; taking over the TV in Kennedy for my Mass Effect addiction, studying Japanese with Mike, eating Korean with AJ (and anyone else we can drag along), chuckling over Astronomy with Brian, being A Girl with Kelly and Erica, unsuccessfully arguing philosophy with Rob, prodding Mike with questions about physics, and Jon)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (who am I kidding, I already miss that and have since… March?)
  • Doing absolutely nothing
  • Arizona sunsets
  • B-E-A-Utiful


  • Dolly’s (oh, those succulent cinnamon rolls full of sugary-buttery goodness…)
  • Understanding everything that goes on around me
  • Readily available romance novels (I’m sure I’ll be hitting up Amazon, at least for the remaining HeartMate books)
  • My large collection of beautiful shoes
  • A certain person’s laugh in Carefree…
  • My mother’s nagging (! I know! It seems impossible but she keeps me on track whether I need it or not)
  • NOT Dad’s political rants (but maybe the concern behind them… I guess…)
  • (generally) Being on my own schedule
  • Sleeping in
  • Not paying for my rent/food/ac/etc.
  • Dairy Queen blizzards (Mint Oreo)
  • Dry heat
  • Mexican food, Greek food, any food that’s not Asian, really (not even sure if I’ll be able to get Indian)
  • Ovens (and therefore making cookies)
  • Not being fat, although it will probably be aided by the lack of ovens.