A mini adieu

Things I’m loving right now:

Avatar state, yip yip!

Avatar state, yip yip!

Avatar: the story of a kid who can bend air, without hair.  Really, one of the greatest cartoons I’ve seen come out of the US in the last ten years, and my favorite cartoon of all time currently.  It’ll give me as many good memories as Sailormoon, which is what thrust me into the “Oh, Japan!” phase.

GreeeeN: As recommended by YouTube rising star, Jason.  J-pop group with catchy tunes.  I especially like “Michi” (trns. road or the way) and “Tabidachi” (to move on, to go forward).  Very innovative with their music and helping me study Japanese… on some level.

Dr. Horrible has a Ph. D in HORRIBLE-NESS.

Dr. Horrible has a Ph. D in HORRIBLE-NESS.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: the story of a villain who just wants his laundry buddy to like him.  Another stellar example of Joss Whedon’s genius, and involves Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion singing (plus an amazing not-so-suitable-for-younger-children joke regarding Captain Hammer’s… hammer.  ::wiggles eyebrows:: )  By the way, the series is also written by Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, and Zack Whedon.  They’re a talented family!  Starting Monday, as far as I know, will only be available via download on iTunes. 

And I leave for JAPAN in a WEEK!  Squee!

Things I’m not loving right now:

Packing.  I have finally started.  One of my suitcases is a couple pounds over.  The other is several pounds under.  Should be easily remedied, but alas, I am so lazy.  Also have a back-pack camera bag that I’m concerned will not count as a “personal item.”  Sissy bought me far too much face-care products, so I don’t know whether the 3oz containers I bought from Target will all fit in a single quart-sized bag.  Also, need to re-check regulations on baggage in general.  Stop being so lazy, self.

My parent’s revulsion of getting their picture taken.  Together.  Once they got over their laziness/need to look fantastic, a quick and easy photoshoot resulted in several minutes of laughter and cute pictures of my parents, together, and not looking awkward.  Kudos to dad for being his silly self and helping mom wind down.

Care bear is shunning me.  I think she’s trying to wean herself off of my talented-cat-petting fingers before I leave.  This, however, makes me sad, as she’s very old and might not make it by the time I come back.  I have thus taken to hugging her at odd moments, at which time she gives me the “WTF do you think you’re doing?”-cat eye. 

My inability to get into the scrapbooking mood.  Promised myself I would finish the first semester (not even the second!) of my 2005-2006 China adventure and, though I’m mostly through the Guilin good times, I still have at least six, maybe eight, more pages to do.  Does not bode well.  Have only two more days until I leave for Spokane.  (Including today.)

"Lazy" and "Riding Dirty."

Titles: "Lazy" and "Riding Dirty."

AH!  Only two more days!

When I was younger, I might have gone on some philosophical/introspective tangent about my forthcoming Japan Adventure, but I’ve totally gotten over that phase in my life.  (Thank God.)  I will not have the internet once I leave for Spokane, so aside from this entry and my Photo of the Week, this is all you get until I get to Japan.  And get the internet.  Which will apparently take a few weeks. 

So I guess, uh… bye?  Be back soon?