Jellyfish-ing it.

(Written on August 05)

Got stung by a jellyfish today!  Just a baby one, it was hanging out at this beautiful Caribbean-esque style beach (pictures to come) along with several thousand of its brothers and sisters.  Of course when Shannon said “There are jellyfish in the water” I freaked out and swam away, at which point the poor babies freaked out and one stung me.

Did not hurt at all.  Still doesn’t.  However, the blister I got on the back of my foot from the shoes I wore today does hurt.  Which reminds me, I should put a band-aid on it.

I also learned (some of) the rules for gomi—trash.  Japan is very strict about its trash and recycling, and on an island it’s especially so.  Though we can easily recycle plastic bottles, plastic eating containers (bento), cans, glasses, etc., they all must be washed, go in the correct, separate containers, cardboard must be cut apart, including milk bottles, and separated between corrugated and the thinner, dyed stuff, and it all must be there on time on… whatever days the gomi is picked up.  Being as I have no idea what day that is, I’m just going to stick trash in pel-mel from Monday to Thursday and hope I don’t create too much over the weekends.   

Only slightly confusing.

Also picked up some Special K today—only bad thing is that milk here does NOT come in the no-fat variety.  Not even the low-fat variety.  I think I might have to mix it with water.  Yes, that is a good idea…