Living in a Wonder Land

(Written on August 01)

I am officially on Iki.  Possibly the most beautiful place in existence though, being as I haven’t been to many places, I’m not as good with comparison.  However, here were my thoughts, in order, as I was driven from the airport:

“Holy Guacamole.”

“They’re paying me to live here?”

“They’re paying me to live here!”

“Holy Guacamole.”

The greens are so lush they look like Technicolor; a glorious orchestra of cicadas (I think I’m the only one alive who likes them) greet you wherever you go; beaches and ocean right around the corner; winding roads you’re made to get lost on; and enough humidity to kill a small elephant (though cows can make it through just fine).

I love being on an island.  Even though it’ll be slightly inconvenient when I get cabin fever, I just can’t get over how spectacular everything is.


Iki from a hill leading towards Monkey Rock.

Iki from a hill leading towards Monkey Rock.

Very decrepit.

Very decrepit.

I’ve moved into my house which is old, but cheap.  One-hundred and twenty dollar rent!  Life is good.  The wallpaper isn’t as frightening as I thought, but I still want to see if I can paint/replace it.  However, I’ve decided that my first project will be a major overhaul of the sad, decrepit front lawn.  It is most likely that I will kill whatever I plant but… I’ll give it a go. 

If you are incredibly bored and wish to see pictures of my house, they’re in the next entry.  Don’t know why you’d want to but… well, I was curious, so you might be too.  

By the way:

On Iki Island

1.  Eat locally grown Kobe beef 

Enjoyed the beef at the enkai-lit. banquet or feast, but more commonly used as a ‘

drinking party’- for Shannon’s going-away and my arrival.  We ate Korean Barbeque style.  Softest, most luscious, most flavorful beef I’ve ever eaten in my life.  Period.  Even better than filet mignon.  Granted, I haven’t eaten like, a $300 filet mignon or somesuch but… holy God, I felt like I was tasting little bits of Jesus.  Phenomenal.  Because I don’t have the rest of my luggage as I type this (August 1), I haven’t yet been able to get deeper into “The List,” but I did see Monkey Rock.  A lot cooler than I thought it would be.


Look it is me!  At monkey rock!  No, I did not increase saturation.

Look it is me! At monkey rock! No, I did not increase saturation.

Also, being as I have yet to receive my “Gaijin Card” (or the less offensive term of Alien Registration Card, like a Green Card), I can’t drive or get a cell phone.  The Gaijin Card is necessary to get car insurance and the keitai-cell phone-which means that I’m dependent on Shannon for any and all transportation and links to the outside world, aside from walking, until she leaves at which point… everything should be solved.  I think.  

Still do not have internet. (Note: Still, as of August 16, don’t.  Am currently using another ALT’s internet to update her blog while I entertain her cat.)

Have not yet started work, that comes next week, but I have a day of kyuuka-lit. vacation-on Monday which I’m glad about.  Then around mom’s birthday, I have a five-day weekend for “Bon” Festival.  Not quite sure what this entails, but according to K-san (a very nice fellow at the Board of Education), it’s not something to miss.