Of Spiders and Beaches

(Written August 03) 

Killed my first spider today.  A relatively normal-sized one, with a yellow stripe down its back.  It jumped, but confusion (tapping something near it so it didn’t know where the attack was coming from) and perseverance succeeded.


11. Drink the local shochu

Drank it (just a sip, as I’d recently spent the equivalent of twenty-four dollars on sushi! but it was delicious) at the beach.  “Iki Gold” was the name.  It tasted like weak whiskey, but had an excellent aftertaste.  Definitely more acceptable as an on-the-rocks drink than, for instance, Jack.  Glad it doesn’t taste like rubbing alcohol, which I was afraid of.

The beaches, by the way, equal AMAZING.  Have only been to one, Nishiki-hama (Hama means beach, I have no idea what Nishiki means, as I haven’t seen the kanji), but it was absolutely wonderful.  



Nishiki-hama, take two.

Nishiki-hama, take two.


The sand is what the other ALTs refer to as “sticky-sand,” made from shells, and it sticks to every part of your body.  Pieces remain for days afterwards no matter how much you shower.  That does mean, additionally, that it will be excellent for making sand castles or, as Nathan put it, an entire sand city!  I must make one soon.  

The waves are strong but not overwhelming, making for fun body surfing opportunities.  There’s also another beach nearby which is the designated “surfing” beach, if I ever want to learn how to actually surf.  While the water is cool, it’s a welcome relief from the humidity and temperature.  I have been told, however, that this humidity is “nothing” compared to what I’ll experience during rainy season.

It was refreshing and peaceful to just stand knee-deep in the water, staring off into the distance and watch the clouds change colors as the sun setting behind me.  

I’m living in paradise.  A very humid paradise, but paradise nonetheless.