PotW: August 10 to August 16


My mommy.

My mommy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  You should be proud of your age, so I’ll let the whole world know that my mother is sixty-two today–August 12 (which means she starts Social Security benefits, woo!).  I miss you and all the “give the Mother attention” games and even your silly putzing about the house worrying about my packing.  I hope it’s a good day.  Or at least normal.  

Took this picture about three days before I left.  Mom told me not to put them online and I won’t put any of the others up but… I really like this photo.  The lensbaby makes her look so soft, combined with the very yellow color of the lamp nearby.  I also like the blue reflection from the TV in her glasses.  I look at this picture and it reminds me how wonderful my mother is.

Did absolutely no post-production editing.  This is just how great my mom looks all the time.

Just realized that Sarah should have moved into her new place like… two weeks ago.  How’d that go?