The Big Update

Since I didn’t have the internet for so long, I’d been typing the blog entries as I went.  I’ve now added all of them, and so here are the links to read them in order from arriving in Tokyo to my impressions of Iki:

The Tokyo (Tokyo Conference Stuff)

Living in a Wonderland (First impression of Iki)

Jelly-fishing It (Beach and Home)

Ganbatte! (Beach and some Impressions of work)

And, for anyone who wants to see where I’m living: My Home.

If you would like to see the Photos of the Week (up to five now!  How did that happen?), just click on the “PotW” link under “Categories” in the right column.  It’ll show you all of them.  🙂  In fact, for anyone new to blogging, clicking on the links under categories or tags is how you bring up any entry that discusses that particular subject.  

Feel free to comment on anything (click on the link titled “No Comments”–or “1 comment” if I get lucky–near the date of the entry).  I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can, but remember I don’t have internet!  I’m currently using the internet of another Iki ALT, Yuka.  I’m taking care of her kittens while she’s working at an English camp.  THEY’RE SO CUTE.