A day in the life (brief?)

A routine has finally begun.

Every weekday, I wake up at 6:30-ish and prepare for the day ahead.  First on the schedule is food (granola or cereal), followed by the heat-beating/sweat-washing off shower (I do not use hot water.  In fact, I don’t turn on the hot water at all).  Before getting in the shower, though, I do the pre-shower mukade/spider check to be certain that I won’t freak out while naked.

Then I wash my face and brush my teeth and get dressed and all that jazz.  (Very exciting.)  Then I leave for work.

During the summer I only work until noon.  

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I go to Muchuu.

On Tuesday, Hatsuyama.

On Thursday, Naka.

Fridays I don’t really have (in the summer), but once school starts, those will be the days I go to elementary schools.  However, I still get off at noon on Fridays during the school year, while the rest of my days stretch to 4:30.

Being as I don’t have any lessons to plan or… well… anything really to do, I spend the first two hours studying Japanese.  (I learn to write five new kanji phrases a day.  This means I fill a 200-square sheet (one character for each square) of just one new phrase.)  Recently for the latter two hours I’ve been working on my jikoshokai (self introduction), but I’ll be finished with that by Friday.  Which means I’ll go to the old standby of writing my stories so that I look like I’m working, watch the kids play their sports, read the news, or (nervously) chat up the teachers.

At noon I go home.  I make myself lunch.  I play video games.  Read.  Write.  

Maybe around 3pm I go to the beach.  Come back at 7pm.  Make dinner.  Read.  Write.  

At 10pm I go to bed, ready for the next day.

Nothing too crazy.

This last weekend I went to Fukuoka (the nearest big city).  It wasn’t that intense, and I took no pictures because it was raining, fierce downpour type rain, the whole time.  Went to a fun restaurant that you use a remote-control to order from, bought indoor shoes (soft-soles), otherwise known as crocs, and discovered the Lush store!  YAY LUSH.  When I go back for my Beginner’s conference next Friday (28th?  29th?), I will buy some of their products.

Get paid tomorrow.

…my life’s not interesting as of yet, but I thought I’d update.  Ja, matta.