Stacatto thoughts on Iki

Today I spoke with a Japanese woman who’d lived in China (Tianjin) for a year.  She also spoke English.  So when I didn’t know how to say something in Chinese, I said it in Japanese.  When I couldn’t say it in either, I said it in English.  My brain got very confused between the three languages.

The traffic lights in Iki turn to yield/stop signs at nine pm.  Rather frightening as Iki drivers are pretty terrible.

There’s a baby mukade (poisonous centipede) living somewhere in my house, about two inches long.  I saw it on my pot rack and couldn’t attack it with the Mukade Freeze! Killer because, well, I would have sprayed my pots, too, and then I’d be sick for the next month every time I used them to cook with. 

I guess I could have bought all new pots.

That’s pretty expensive.

Nagasaki city was more humid than Iki.  A little odd, as Iki’s an island, so you’d think it’d be more.  I guess the mountains surrounding Nagasaki keeps the air from moving, though.

Tried gardening more today.  The bugs and the heat were really bad, though, so I only got through about a third of what I have remaining.  Hope the temperature decreases again, and the mosquitoes stop biting.  And I stop killing the potato (roly-poly) bugs every time I go after a root.

Wearing my hair “down” for the first time in weeks and weeks.  That is, instead of throwing it into a messy bun, I pig-tail-braided it this morning.  Yuka commented that she hadn’t realized how long my hair is.

I’d forgotten, too.

Bought three new books in Nagasaki (I can’t help it; there’s no way I’m getting my foreign digs in Iki.)  Persuasion by Jane Austen, Atonement by Ian McEwan (Amanda said it’s really good), and Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami (collection of short stories).  Excited to read them.  Currently critiquing another person’s book, though, so cannot.  Also dangerously close to falling asleep.  Would be bad as it’s nearly 5:30pm and I have to sleep well enough to be comprehensible at my first day of actual work tomorrow.

Really want to bake some cookies.  Mom, when Christmas rolls around, can you do the mass-cookie-send thing again?  Don’t spend too much money, but holy bejebus, do I want some baked sugar.

Saw Obama’s acceptance speech.  Nearly cried (definitely teared up).  Hooted with joy at the end.  Saddened, though, that about half of America probably would not get as pumped up as me.  Don’t see why… his overall assumption really resounds well: you cannot go to either extremes in taking care of people today, we must BOTH take individual responsibility AND use the government to make up for the differences of (in)equality of opportunity.

Still do not have internet. (09/01: As of about 5:00 today, have the internet.  HUZZAH!  DANCING! SQUEE!)

Trying to decide whether to work on my YA epic, the sequel to the book I just started querying, or this new and fun idea for a regency romance.  (Will definitely finish outlining the series for All I Need, though, so if it does get picked up, I’m ready to write the next two without freaking out.)  Nervous about doing #2 because you can’t really query a sequel.  However, as my crit-partner Ashley very rightly pointed out, it would be good to shore up my fan base in one area before branching out to other subgenres.

Though YA and sci-fi romance might be considered similar… maybe. 

Watched the latter half of a “Sports Day.”  The tradition of Sports Day is a long and entrenched one in Japan, used to encourage competition, group dynamics, creativity, hard work, and endurance.  Students prepare for it all summer (and, in the case of my kids, throughout the first term as I don’t think our Sports Day happens until at least late September).  It is also an opportunity for the boys to crossdress (often as brides…).  No, I have no idea why.  It’s considered hilarious, however.

Start classes tomorrow!  YIKES!  (08/01: Have started classes.  Will add thoughts when it’s not nearly 11:00 at night and I need to wake up early enough to put out the recycling.)