Another one bites the dust.

Total number of queries sent so far: 13

E-mails that have bounced back: 2

Rejections!: 5 (though most likely 6)

Number of times I’ve squee’d with glee at a request: 1 (a partial)

Still waiting on: 5

Number of agents on my list left to query: 10-ish.

Number of times I’ve nearly vomited from nervousness: 3

Let me tell you, this business is ruthless!  …and by that I mean I wrote a book that’s difficult to sell because the sub-genre is not nearly as popular as one would hope.  That’s life.  I love the book, and if I don’t get an agent from it (hopefully not going to happen–::crosses fingers:: ), then I’ll just try the one I’m writing now.  It’s a historical romance, so if the writing is good, then maybe it’ll be a bit more likely than my current baby. 

Yup, yup.

And now to return to re-editing.  Again.