Just like Christmas!

So in the last few weeks I have recieved several packages, each one just as amazing as the last.  They made me squee with glee and clap my hands, bounce around, do a little dance of happiness. 

1) From the Mommy.  Tons of jelly eyeballs to give to my kids for Halloween.  “Winter” clothes (I need to buy a winter coat next month in Nagasaki).  Chocolate Malted Milk Powder so I can make Chocolate Malt Bars. 

2) From Flying Pig.  This is Costco in Japan, and they have many, many western items that you just cannot find on my tiny little island, albeit in large quantities.  I got dried mango (a current addiction), a region-less DVD player (yay!), and some fabric softener for when I run out (I use a powder detergent, and we don’t have dryers, so the clothes/towels can get mighty stiff without fabric softener).  We tried to get cheese, but they were sold out.  This weekend, I will be getting a DIFFERENT block of cheese (half of a two-pounder of Colby Jack) and Hershey Kisses so I can make Holiday Poppyseed cookies.  HUZZAH!

The first book of Robin D Owens series.

The first book of Robin D Owens series.

3) Just now: Books from amazon.co.jp.  Didn’t have to pay any shipping and they had everything I wanted–in English!  Got Brisingr (not sure whether it will be good, but I read the other two and I thought they were OK.  I’m not that picky).  I’ll be reading it first because I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop with the other ones.  The other ones being the remaining books in Robin D Owens “Heart Mate” series that I haven’t read yet.  If you like fantasy/sci fi romance, these are some of the best books on the market.  Mostly fantasy, but the futuristic Earth setting makes it slightly sci fi.  And the second book in the series is more sci fi since the Hero doesn’t have any psychic powers.

Looking forward to some great reads.  Atonement and Murakami’s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, move aside, I’ve got some literature to read.  🙂


Guess that means I won’t be writing my book today… ah well… there’s always November.  And hey, it’s “genre research,” right?