I think I just had an aneurism

Either that or Japanese kindergartners are on crack! 🙂

I just had my first (and only) day at “yochien”–kindergarten–in the school year.  And holy guacamole, it was an experience.  Tons of fun, despite what the title seems to imply, but those kids are SO active! 

As soon as I arrived, it was “Eigo-sensei! Eigo-sensei!” (English Teacher!  English Teacher!)  Something I find very funny: I told them my name “Kyasarin” (how Japanese people pronounce my name) and then asked, “What’s my name?”.  Their response:  “EIGO-SENSEI!”  XD

So I got there about thirty minutes before class started and spent the time playing with the kiddies.  All was fine and dandy until one very happy girl climbed up my leg, latched herself onto my neck, and wouldn’t let me put her down.  Though I was unsure if I was allowed to hold the kids, no one came to rebuke me, so I had at least one child attached to me at all times during that half-hour.  Not that heavy, but my neck hurts from the pressure now.  It was really adorable, though.

Then, at nine o’clock I go in, ready to teach the three-year olds.  However, I went in thinking I would be teaching with Silly-sensei (one of the part-time JTEs on the island), so I had absolutely nothing planned.  Then I find out that no, I get to teach by myself.  And I had no idea what to do!

Thank God these kids have low bars for entertainment!

One of the kindergarten teachers had a CD of all these English songs.  I think I did “If you’re happy and you know it~” about 30 times.  They LOVED this song.  Mostly because I did the motions way over the top, I think.  And they got to stomp their feet.  By the end of the song, they inevitably degenerated into running around in circles screaming, and yet I didn’t mind.  Honestly, these kids can’t even read Japanese in most cases, so I don’t expect them to be great hands at English. (Though I DID have one five-year old who remembered how to say “Right, left, hand, and foot”–we played the hokey pokey–the only one out of his entire class.)

I nearly lost my voice several times.  Spoke tons of simple Japanese (good, it’s the best I can do), and taught the four-year olds how to play “Red Rover”, which went much better than I expected. 

I am EXHAUSTED.  And, because it was so tiring and random, I both never want to do it again and want to do it once a month.  I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. 

But seriously, are all kindergartners this hyper, or just the Japanese ones?