NaNoWriMo: One day down

Current words: 23,298

Words written for NaNo so far: 1,874

Fun passage of the day:

Torn between irrational jealousy at the attention the Browns paid to Mr. Hawes and relief at escaping the same attention, Ellis faded away to snatch a glass of champagne from a nearby refreshments stand.

Glancing around to be certain no one watched, she threw back the champagne, glad for the hot skitter of bubbles running down her throat.  Damn it all, she was doing the right thing! 

But why did it have to feel so awful?

She swallowed another glass and flicked a look over her shoulder to check how Mr. Hawes fared.  Miss Brown leaned forward to hear his voice in the loud ballroom.  He had to bend forward.  Their faces mere inches apart.

Just one more glass.

Starting off well.  I can keep writing like this.  I swear I can.  But it was like pulling teeth today.  Not quite sure where I want to go with it.  Thinking I should rework the synopsis to reflect some of the changes I had while writing the first 20,000 words. 

Working Titles: The Woman Hunt, Finding Wives

Blah.  I’m terrible at making up titles.