The Perfect Day! :)

1.  ::dances::

Even when Obama was 202 points up, I still told all the teachers around me that McCain could take it.  I didn’t accept it until I read this speech.  McCain, you regained my respect with this one speech.  After your poorly run, negative campaign (granted, Obama ran many negative ads as well), I was happy to see that you could resign with honor.  My hat’s off to you.

McCain supporters, you seriously ganbatte’d.  🙂  Thanks for contributing to America!

Nervous, however, as the real test of our belief is coming in January.  Remember guys, Obama is just one man!  If we want his promises to come true, we’ll have to work, too!

2.  After reading McCain’s concession speech, I went to a brief assembly for the students going to participate in Ekiden in Nagasaki City.  When the team ran in, the band played the theme song from Rocky.  It made me so happy!  I was already a bit teary-eyed, I nearly lost it.  Glad I didn’t. 

3.  Despite being behind on my lesson plans this morning, I pulled together three plans that worked great.  A Mad Lib that was actually pretty hilarious, more spelling good times, Pronoun Power Bingo, and teaching a really difficult slang (“Why don’t we/How about we” versus “Do you want to~”). 

4.  Making more cookies!  Will eat Pizza later!

5.  And I should still have time to catch up to NaNoWriMo.  Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll just do it the whole day tomorrow.  Now’s the time for me to celebrate.