NaNoWriMo: Caught Up

Ok, not that far behind but it’s still not going as smoothly as one might hope.  Check the counter to the side–at 6300 words when I’m supposed to be up to 10,000 today.  Instead of writing the NaNo Novel at work today, I finished editing All I Need for the Golden Heart.  I still want to go through it again one more time before I send it off… but I think I’ll need to send it tomorrow night.  Otherwise I’ll have to wait until November 15th to send it, and that’s cutting it a bit too close for my blood.  Maybe just the parts I think are weak and then I can just cross my fingers that everything goes together well.

Still, I made another synopsis for my NaNo project on Monday and I’m feeling a bit better about it.  It’s definitely going to need way more editing than All I Need–probably closer to the major overhaul I did for Sapphire Stars–but I’m having a lot of fun writing it.  Jacob and Ellis are excellent, and the other characters, especially Jacob’s brother George, really sparkle for me.

At work today I also finished the rough synopsis for what was supposed to be a Christmas short but ended up turning into a novel again.  (I think I’m incapable of writing short stories.)  It’s based on an idea I had for the Sailormoon fandom years ago, but updated with both my experience and my new voice.  Still needs a great deal of refining before I start on it, but it’ll definitely be my next project after NaNo.

::big sigh::  Just 3700 words today… Oy vey.  I wanted to be ahead so I wouldn’t have to worry while I’m in Nagasaki.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m bringing my computer with me when I go…


Just wrote for about four hours straight.  I was going to go to Chinese class and then, since I know everything that’s in the book, decided that NaNo was more important.  And what did I get out of it?  Yes, an extra 3,687 words!  No, I have no idea how the heck I did it, but I did!  HUZZAH!  So, let’s get up to those totals:

Total words: 31,402

Words written for NaNo: 10,046

(Unedited) Excerpt of the Day:

Seeing Miss Herbert last night had given Ellis an excellent idea.  The theater was one place no one would question her short-hair, her strong arms and legs.  If she went to one of the many lower-end theaters and bribed a maid to wait on her, they would ask no questions, would no doubt not know her face.  All she needed was the right dress and the right accessories.  At least something to get her in the door so they didn’t realize she spent most of her days dressed as a man.

A simple yellow gown caught her attention and she tugged it down, slipping it on. 

She frowned. 

Damnation, she’d forgotten about the breasts!

Now all I have to do is worry about keeping up while I’m in Nagasaki.  Who says I have to pay attention during presentations?  Not me… nope.  Hopefully there will be a place nearby to plug in my laptop because my battery is sorely lacking…

To all other NaNoWriMo-ers–if I can do it, you can too!