When it rains, it pours.

Though it’s not really that much, it feels like life has gotten really crazy all of a sudden.

Woke up to life on Tuesday freezing.  It’s like being thrust back into the Spokompton Ice Box without any transition at all.  And by freezing, I mean the weather changed from about maybe 16C (about 60F) during the day to 5-8C (41-46F).  While that wouldn’t be that big of a deal usually, you’d think, the reality of Japan is that there is no central heating.  Hell, there isn’t even heating.  When I’m at school, me and the students shiver our way through classes.  For some reason beyond me, they keep the windows open in the hallways.  The staff room has a heater (air conditioner turned heater), but nowhere else.  When I went upstairs to turn on my air conditioner to warm up my room before I went to sleep, my thermometer read 12C (53F).  In my bedroom.  I really am a starving college student again.

My computer’s started going crazy.  I get the Blue Screen of Death at random moments for no particular reason I can tell, it freezes at the opening “HP” screen, sometimes doesn’t even let me turn it on, and is overall really pissy.  There’s a moral to this story, and it’s called: Pay down my credit card so I can buy a new computer.  However, I did stick all my important documents onto my external harddrive, so in case the worst happens, at least I’m current as of 11/20.

We’re planning this really intense Thanksgiving day dinner thing.  Turkey and all (13 pounds for only $50!  A bargain!).  What this means, however, is that we get to figure out all the logistics including money, where to cook said turkey, etc.  It’s a bit confusing, but it looks to be pulling together okay.

I have to figure out a way to get to Shimabara (I’m going to stay in the town of OBAMA!!!) this weekend all by myself–first time travelling alone.  A little worried, but not too much.  If I get confused, my Japanese is good enough to get help.  Which reminds me, I should charge my DS so I can have access to my fancy schmancy electronic dictionary.

I will also be going to my first onsen–hot spring.  Really pretty happy about it (it’s on the list!), but a little nervous to see how my tattoo will be percieved outside of Iki.  Ah well, it’s worth it in the end.

Fell in love with a boy named Piz.  (And by that I mean I watched all of Veronica Mars Season 3 and switched alliegances from the sexiness that is Brooding Logan to the sweet sincerity of Adorable Piz.  However, according to the pilot for Season 4, she didn’t end up with either of them.  To be expected.  She was only 19.)

I also laughed for 90 minutes straight on Sunday.  That was pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself.  I love a good laugh.

Have not worked on NaNoWriMo at all. 

I’ve made up some really sweet crafts/games lately.  However, they take tons of preparation!  Nice-sensei and I busted our butts on Wednesday to get everything ready in 30 minutes for our four classes that day.  I had the first years make a garland of cardboard-paper leaves with what they’re thankful for on it, and the third years did a similar thing only with feet/hand turkeys.  Turned out to be cute activities.  Then for my third years today I put together an MLK “I have a dream” activity which took way more effort than anticipated.  Oh well, at least I’m busy at work. 

Geez, I really want to make some cookies.

Well, this is becoming more scatterbrained the more I type.  So I’m gonna cut myself off here.  Any questions?