To keep you entertained…

…for at least a few minutes, I gift to you several of the good times that were had whilst I travelled throughout Shimabara, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka. (Mostly because I have taken OH SO MANY pictures and I figured that until I edit them, you’ll have no idea how wonderful my time was–because it was teh uber wonderful.  So here’s a few bits and pieces.)

  • Made a rockin’ apple pie despite the shortening being all… hard and frozen like. 
  • Wandered around Obama (yes, Obama… it’s a city…)
  • Ate far too many Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
  • Walked (all together over the ten days) more than 50km, I would estimate.
  • Sang really loudly to myself (Disney songs, as well as several others, after my iPod battery died) while hiking up and down the side of a volcano
  • Got to see a Rhinosaurus dance (he had sweet moves)
  • Reached the goal
  • Road in a helicopter
  • Ate more horse
  • Visited a temple that has a history of over 1000 years and acted as an impromptu (and somewhat dirty-mouthed) tour guide for my fellow foreigners
  • Bought way too much stuff at uniqlo (but now I have more clothes!  And a dress!  SQUEE)
  • Ate a Costco Hot Dog (sadly not Hebrew National)
  • Played the eHarmony game with Christine (far more entertaining than I could have imagined)
  • Saw some dolphins do dolphin-y tricks
  • Watched the craziest damn South Korean movie.  I tell ya, they know how to make them some “Are you sure you weren’t high when you wrote this?” movies that will entertain the bejesus out of you.

It was a rockin’ time, everything went as well as I could have hoped–and often better.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the future…

Happy 2009!