Open a bottle of Champagne!


FS, otherwise known as Steady in a Firestorm, the epic first chapter (of two) in the series The Storms of Te’Rin, is complete!  After eight years of plotting and plodding and thinking; restarting and editing and dreaming.  I honestly had no idea that I could write “The End” on this mofo.  (The end, by the way, is a misnomer as technically, the second book, QS, will be The End.)  Oh, how I have agonized over this story. 

Currently, it clocks in at approximately 90,000 words (Microsoft Word count) which, in case you were wondering, is about 30,000 words too long for most Young Adult novels.  All I can say to that is: Thank God for JK Rowling. 

Because FS is my baby, I will not be sending it on the agent rounds until I can unclench my spidery fingers from it.  In fact, the plan of action is to keep planning (and hopefully someday selling) romances to land me an agent who will, obviously, Instantly Love FS and Sell It (along with my romances) at Auction for a very High Number at which point I will become the next Tamora Pierce

In the meantime, I will edit it, chop it to bits, edit it some more, sew it back up, and then begin entering it in contests.  Yes, contest is the magic word.  I will close no doors, bite no leashes, only get several accolades for FS so when it’s prised from my fingers like a child from the womb, it’ll turn straight into the next Elvis.

Oh… how I know it’s not going to turn out like that at all.  😦

In any case, to celebrate I bought more books, of course!





From London with Love

From London with Love

Young adult novels and Neil Gaiman and romance, oh my!  Trust me, I have plenty of literary fiction here in Iki.  Apparently the ALTs before me have been too cool for genre fiction and/or “Kid’s books.”  Well, I’m not.  I’ll take the mindless pleasure of romance, the knowledge of a happy ending, over the oft-times thought provoking and/or depressing literary novel.  And hey, I’m still growing up, so Young Adult novels tickle my fancy.  (In fact, I doubt I’ll ever finish “growing up,” so damned if I won’t be wandering into that part of the bookstore when I’m grey and cranky.) 

All of the books look like they’re going to be very enjoyable, and if I have the time (which I anticipate I will, knowing my life on Iki), I’ll stick up some of my thoughts regarding them here.   There are six (!) total, enough to keep me busy for at least two weeks.  Although I said that about Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell,  an excellent book in case you were wondering, and I breezed through that one in four days.  Couldn’t put it down.  In any case, I am so excited! 

…except now I have to wait for probably three or four weeks because Amazon Japan takes friggin’ FOREVER.


*In other words, I’ve typed the words “The End.”  Except there’s at least one chapter that I have to change from one main character’s POV to another, add some back story on him, and all that jazz.  And there’s eleven handwritten pages of Chapter 16 that I have yet to type up.  But still…