The Iki Rainbow

I’ve been a hermit in my house the last couple of days.  I’m attempting to save money (and by that I mean not spend it), which means I can’t go buy groceries or random stuff that I would like but do not need.  But today there was a concert on Iki, the “Rainbow Concert,” and it was free, so I thought it might be a nice change of pace from sitting on my butt and playing Harvest Moon. 

Holy guacamole.

Iki does these cultural what-nots occasionally, and usually it’s school focused–a culture day, a sport’s day, what have you.  Well, this is like a Island-wide music festival where anyone who is talented can show themselves off.  My middle school brass band?  Check.  (They were great, as usual.)  Some hair-raising piano playing?  Check.  A tenor opera soloist?  Check.  A strings group?  Check.  (Three of the people in it I knew, all of whom I had no idea they could play the violin/viola.)  An adorable chorus of elementary school students singing–very well–about lions and tigers and bears?  Check. 

But the coolest part, bar none, was watching the Iki Commercial High School Taiko group perform. 

So I do Taiko.  I’ve been learning for about five months now, and I’ve got the routine down, and it sounds pretty epic to me when we do it in our tiny practicing room.  I know, however, that we are not very good.  Taiko involves all sorts of good theatrics–mostly because it’s rooted in the “Drums of War,” i.e., it comes from music that was supposed to pump samurai up for killing other samurai.  (More information about Taiko available from its wikipedia page, here.)  Much like any form of music, the professionals are always going to beat out the amateurs.  And the Commercial High School kids aren’t even professionals–but my jaw dropped.

Like the tool that I am, I forgot to charge my camera battery so I don’t have a copy of the performance.  (I know, seriously, what sort of photographer am I?)  But I’ve found something that at least shows the speed, theatrics, and craziness of Taiko on youtube.  Enjoy: