Rock for Awesomeness

When I was in Spokane, I volunteered for nearly two years at a wonderful place called the Women’s Hearth, part of a program called Transitions that helps women and families in need.  The Women’s Hearth is a drop-in center for women who maybe don’t have a home to go to during the freezing/sweltering Spokane days, for women who do but don’t have the training to get a job (yet), for retirees, women in need, really, anyone could go–even college students like me if they had a day off!  The women there taught me practical things: how to knit, how to paint, how to make a terrible cup of coffee, but they also taught me more intangible experiences: that changing someone’s life can boil down to a single conversation, that beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, and that we have far more strength than we can ever imagine.  Most of those ladies had been to hell–but they made it back, and better than ever.  I admire what they did, and hope that if I ever have to face the same things they had, I can do it with equal grace.  And if I am lucky enough to make it through fine, that I will have the humility to thank the world for it.

It is for the latter point–as I’ve been damned lucky so far–that I am so pleased I found this blog through Janet Reid’s agenting blog.  Called Spread Change, it features affordable and small ways to better the world–good ways for people like me who are living on a budget.  The author is very clever and creative with her donation/volunteer opportunities–I encourage everyone to go check it out.  I already plan to donate a bit of my paycheck next month to Modest Needs.  Since I left a larger community that offers more volunteer opportunities, I’ve really missed helping others.  When I get back to America, I’ll really look closely into other opportunities that involve more personal interaction. 

So go forth, my minions, and spread change!