FYI: Stimulus Package

I discovered this wonderful article whilst perusing the news at work (what I do when I’ve finished teaching and lesson plans for the day).  I thought it was  a really great and thorough summary of what the Stimulus Package would do, and how it would affect people.

I’m sure my father will be very excited about the $1500 green credit for homeowners, though no doubt he’ll still have to wait on installing those solar panels.

As a side note, the $500 billion per year interest payments that the United States currently spends on our accumulated national debt made me want to faint.  Holy guacamole, that’s a ridiculous amount of money.  And that’s just the interest!  It made me almost sad that I wasn’t paying more taxes for the 2008 year… even if most of my income was earned abroad.

But hey, I’m doing my part.  Not only am I paying off my loans on a timely basis (and therefore, hopefully, providing for a pool of future loans for others–RIGHT WELLS FARGO?!), but I also am donating a bit of money here and there.  Feels good.  And technically I will pay some taxes for the money I earned while working at Ritz.