And sometimes, one needs rest

So amidst teaching and my activities and hanging out with my Iki folks, I’ve found myself with perhaps only one or two days of total “down time” with just myself.  After nearly six months of lethargy, I figured this would be a good thing.  Well, I guess after a summer of doing nearly nothing, I’d forgotten what “busy” meant.  

Here’s my current schedule, monday through sunday:

Monday: 8-5 school (Muchuu, three classes), 5-7 check e-mail, eat dinner, write if possible, (on some Mondays, though, like today, I help with Etsuko’s adult English class, so then from 7:30-8:30 I’m there, and from 8:30-10 I practice Fan Dancing), 7-9 Fan Dancing, 9-11 plan lessons for the next day if I haven’t done so, if I have, rest after Fan Dancing

Tuesday8-5 school (Hatsuyama, 1-3 classes), 5-7 check e-mail, 7-8 Flamenco Dancing, 8-11 write, plan lessons, hang out with the friends

Wednesday: 8-5 school (Muchuu, 5 classes), 5-7 at onsen with Christine, 8-9 dinner with Christine, 9-11 plan lessons, check e-mail, all that jazz

Thursday 8-5 school (Naka, 3 classes), 5-7 check e-mail and write..  maybe, 7-9 Fan Dancing practice for an hour, followed by Taiko drumming, 9-10 eat Ramen with the Iki ALTs, 10-11 play around on the computer

Friday 8-1:30 school (Elementary, 3-4 classes), 1:30-7 play around on the computer, make cookies, clean my house (on some Fridays, though, like the one coming up, I have the adult English Club from 2:30-4), 7-12 Curry and fun time with the Iki ALTs

Saturday and Sunday are usually my K@-does-nothing days, but lately I’ve 1) gone to snack bars (like bars… but with girls who serve you and charge you exorbitant prices for the privilege, but really, it’s fun), 2) made dinner or lunch for my friends, 3) made lots and lots of cookies, 3) eaten dinner or lunch with my friends, 4) cleaned my house very thoroughly, 5) gone to Fukuoka for shopping and the like.

Really, it’s much busier than it seems.  Especially because I spend at least an hour planning my lessons usually.  

But today I’ve had a pretty poor stomachache the whole day.  It feels a bit better now, but I think I’m going to use it as an excuse to not practice Fan Dancing (though I should).  I’ve forgotten a lot–it’s so difficult, and I get nothing of the second half… well, OK, I maybe remember a third of the second half, but really, overall it’s still a disaster.  

I will have to go to the adult English class, though, as on Saturday a class of Canadian High Schoolers are coming to Iki to… be on Iki? and a few of the ladies in the English class are hosting them.  Their English isn’t too good, so I need to help them practice things to say and the like.

I want to share some of the most excellent lessons that I’ve planned for my third years, but I’ve been feeling too lazy to edit the photos.  Suffice to say that I’m a genius.  


What sort of things have you felt you need rest from lately?