And in that ever-declining free time, I…

Play video games.  Almost entirely.  I got a package from Play Asia, a site that ships American/English based video games to countries all around Asia, that contained my shiny new copies of Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood and My Japanese Coach.  Both are entertaining, and the latter has certainly re-jump started my Japanese studying.  If you’re thinking on studying Japanese, I’d recommend it, though not by itself.  I think it moves a little fast and its examples/stroke order/translations are sometimes wrong.

In any case, what does this mean for the rest of my life?

Well, I’ve fallen into a rut with writing.

After finishing Steady in a Firestorm, I find myself unable to figure out where to go from here. I really ought to write it’s sequel, especially as it’s hard enough to sell a necessary series (though this is only two books), but when one of them isn’t even finished…  Well, that is something I should do if I want to make FS viable.

I have plans for two other books in the works: Christmas Cookies and The Wife Hunt.  The problem with the former is that I can’t quite figure out a synopsis that I like.  The problem with the latter is I just don’t feel comfortable writing in the era.  I’ve also come up with a cool premise for a world, but I don’t have much in terms of plot or characters.  Though if I keep working with it, something might come.

I mean, this isn’t the biggest deal.  Writing, though wonderful and fulfilling, is not my ultimate dream/career path in life.  At least not at this point.  I would love, adore, to be published.  But it’s not necessary for my worth as a person to be so, nor towards my overall happiness.  (Though it might help that whole loan repayment business, and that would very much improve my happiness, as then I could travel through Japan and Asia more.)

Yet, at the same time, I do feel a bit disappointed with myself for lounging away my free time with the DS.  Sure, it’s a nice way to unwind, and an excellent (legitimate) distraction while at work–I don’t think any of my schools mind me studying Japanese.  But I sort-of miss writing, if you know what I mean.  It was cathartic.  And as much as I try to write at work, I just end up staring at a blank page, wondering how to begin.

Eh, maybe I’ll get back into it once I start editing on FS.  Scheduled to begin this weekend!  Eep!