I need to buy an SD card reader

Because my mac doesn’t like the cable connection with my SD1100IS, and that is just lame, as I have plenty of photos to show you fine folks.

It’s been a blustery couple of days here on Iki.  The wind rolls through the island ready to sweep babies and cars alike off their connection to the ground (note: neither babies nor cars have been swept away, I’m speaking in hyperbole).  We’ve had some rain, too, though I’m sure not nearly as much as we will during rainy season.  This dreary weather, though, has intermingled with nice blue skies and sun, brief reprieves of happiness amidst the coming of spring.

Despite all this, I’ve spent plenty of time outdoors.  On Tuesday, I taught my last class of the school year at Hatsuyama and we spent the second half of the day cleaning the outside of the school.  The highlight of this was scrubbing away at the built up fish crud in the pool/pond that Kyoto-sensei (the Vice Principle) keeps for his koi.  Stinking is an understatement.  Like a blocked up sewer a bit more appropriate, especially as the fish–waiting in some water-filled garbage cans–insisted on attempting to commit suicide.  I wasn’t wearing the right clothes, I never am, but I rolled up my sweater and got green gunk all over myself just like the rest of them.  The students found this hilarious.

Now Tuesday was actually a pretty nice day.  Though cold when windy, the wind was scarce, and overall I enjoyed being outdoors.

On Thursday, however, the wind was ready for business.  My Naka students and I were bundled up and ready for a “picnic,” a nice time to relax after the school year and before graduation.  Well, I’m sure it would have been relaxing if it weren’t for the wind!  

Since I’m incapable of thinking ahead, I’d neglected to bring my earmuffs.  This meant that, in order to keep my ears from going insane, I had to keep my hair down for warmth.  As anyone with long hair will know, this led to numerous problems: knots, so many, many knots at the end of the day; I kept eating my hair; the hair hit other people in the face; the hair hit me in the face; hair is itchy underneath scarfs.  

But, aside from the hair annoyance, the wind actually made for an entertaining morning.  After the students did some entertaining activities (one in which they were “pigs” trying to steal each other’s tails, and another guessing true/false about the school), they broke out the sport’s equipment we’d carted along and got to work.  Except every time there was a major gust of wind, that baseball/volleyball/soccer ball went wild.  The box of equipment kept knocking over, sending balls and rackets and cardboard flying.  At which point me and several students would go chasing down the hill after it.

Then, of course, the students who won the original activities were overwhelmed with candy.  And they liked to see me eat it.  Plenty of the usual fare: toffee, chocolate, kit-kat bars, but also sour “candy” (where the sweet was, I don’t know), umeboshi–really sour dried plums, and these candies that made a whistling sound when you blew through them.  I probably could have eaten lunch just with candy, but I thankfully held myself back.

Lunch came and went (along with more chasing after things, like rogue chopsticks stolen by the wind), and we adjourned to lower ground.  Adorable-sensei and I decided to make a trip to monkey shrine, which I visited over Thanksgiving with Jacqui.  Several students came along, and of course Adorable-sensei and I were the ones leading the back (we’re both so out of shape).  But the view at the top was just as amazing as the last time, and the students were great.  

Then we went the other way to the other “mountain” (the park we went to is kind-of  like a valley…), got lost, turned around, saw a big rock, and trekked back.  

Then I took a nap.

It was exhausting, but great, to get out of the classroom and just hang out with the students.  The park was very nice, too.  Though I could have done with less wind!  

Bad news for the Canadian students coming to Iki for a short exchange tomorrow: this terrible weather is expected to continue through the weekend.  Ah well, we can control a lot of things, but not the weather.

I’m out… like stout… or something.