Life Lessons


I love Japanese signs.   A lot.
I love Japanese signs. A lot.

Things I learned about life while on my trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima:

  1. Those oft-quoted but rarely followed words are true: DON’T PANIC.
  2. If you must panic (just for the sake of the emotion), remember the important things: you’re still alive, you haven’t been arrested (well, hopefully), and Japanese people are, in general, extraordinarily nice.
  3. Christine is amazing.
  4. Do not judge a hostel by its schnazzy website nor supposed takoyaki parties.
  5. Finding sad/serious things moderately amusing is fine-and-dandy as long as one can control one’s giggles.
  6. Sometimes its necessary to be a very good actress.
  7. Charge your cell phone.
  8. Do not keep all your money readily accessible, especially if you are an emotional shopper.
  9. Verify right away that return tickets say what you expect them to.
  10. Rolling with the punches and a strong sense of self can get you through a lot of sticky situations.

Overall it was an excellent trip.  There may have been a few rough patches, but I did the best I could given my silliness.  

Actual trip to come.  Once I gird my loins and start sifting through all the photos.  Oh, god…