Giving it a Go


Not sure quite what the apple is supposed to symbolize?  Temptation from Eve?  Temptation in general?  A good contrast between skin and red-ness?

Not sure quite what the apple is supposed to symbolize? Temptation from Eve? Temptation in general? A good contrast between skin and red-ness?

Well, so I’m reading Twilight.

I have friends in both camps about this book–friends whose opinions I trust.  On the one hand, there’s the “It reads like a badly written, Mary Sue, dream-for-self Fanfiction” camp, and then the “Oh, it’s really interesting and suspenseful, and totally realistic” camp.


First of all, just to get it off my chest, here are the things that annoy me:

  1. First Person – Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have an answer, but unless it’s in a literary novel, I don’t like first person narratives.
  2. Not Accurate Teen Terminology – “Sour grapes”?  “Didn’t know her from Eve”?  These are things I’ve never used in a regular conversation.  I’m 22 (only just).  That’s not that old.  And I’m from Washington and lived in Arizona.  WE DON’T TALK LIKE THAT.
  3. PwP? – I get that the key to this book is the blooming “relationship” between Edward and Bella, but seriously, is there anything to this plot besides her fascination with him?  I’m on page 92 (movie paperback edition), and nothing.  Oy vey.  
  4. Bella doesn’t like Washington – As a Washington Native, that just drives me up the wall.  Oh, and Thriftway (the grocery store) was either shut down or taken over by Fred Meyer’s back in 2002 or something.  I dunno, I was still in High School, at least.  Which means Bella could not have gone to Thriftway.  Just saying.
  5. Ochre?  I had to look up the word on Wikipedia.

What I do like about the book:

  1. Aside from the random terminology, really, let’s be honest, when I was Bella’s age (16?) I pretty much obsessed about boys nonstop.  Much as I hate admitting that I was so vapid and shallow, I didn’t move beyond my own ego until at least my sophomore year in college.  And really, I still obsess about boys a great deal.  So although it’s annoying to have PwP? it is realistic.
  2. The banter between Bella and Edward is pretty good.
  3. Her aversion from Mike (puppy-boy, hah…) and all the other kids slavering after her is realistic for someone who’s not too people-persony.  Even I don’t like obviously clingy boys, and I consider myself very sociable.  Someone who’s mysterious will always be more interesting than someone who’s willing to show you everything right up front, no matter how unhealthy a relationship that may lead to.  Fact of life.
  4. Makes me think of home.  I miss the Seattle area.  A lot.
  5. Easy read.  After going through Northanger Abbey, it’s nice to read something that doesn’t take any effort.

What I know will annoy me in the future:

  1. Really, I just don’t like vampire romance.  It makes no sense to me.  These people are dead.  DEAD.  That’s not sexy.  Plus, if someone’s lusting after your blood, what does that someone do when you’re bleeding from a very particular place once a month?  Just saying.
  2. Bella being annoying.  I can just tell she’ll be the whiny type.  Whiny people (total double standard, I was whiny like woah) annoy me.
  3. Edward being SPARKALAY.  Someone mentioned this.  Vampires should not sparkle.

So why, Ms. Kat, are you reading this, you may ask.  Well, because I once snubbed my nose at Harry Potter, thinking it was too juvenile to read.

Well, you can guess what sort of decision I consider that now.  (If you’re a bit obtuse, please reference the title of this blog.)

That is all.  Kat out, back to read.

UPDATE!  Page 174, 

“I followed you to Port Angeles,” he admitted, speaking in a rush. …

He paused.  I wondered if it should bother me that he was following me; instead I felt a strange surge of pleasure.

All I can think about is the Ex: “Why do women find it attractive to be stalked?  Stalking is creepy.  CREEPY!  Do you want someone watching you to keep you ‘safe’ from your bedroom window without you knowing about it?  Really?  REALLY?”

Oh, Bella’s such a teenager.


We are now on page 195.  Bella has had, maybe, three solid conversations with Mr. Vamp.  

She is in love with him.

::rolls eyes::

This happens in romance novels all the time and doesn’t keep me from reading them all the way through, so I won’t stop here.  But Ms. Meyer, I have this to say to you: love is not some dopey, slap you in the face emotion.  Love does not happen because someone is mysterious and saves your life a couple times.  Love happens when you know somebody.


Moving on.

Book is more enjoyable than anticipated.  Even if it’s occasionally silly (I like to whine, have I mentioned that?), the narrative is tense and spell binding enough that I keep reading instead of dicking around (too much) on the internet.  That’s a good sign.