I’ve had a good first two weeks back at school.  Granted, last week the only classes I really taught were at Elementary school, but I’ve gone to two ensoku (picnics) so far–one to a beautiful island off of Iki called Aoshima, the other to Twin’s Beach near my house–and managed to have a good time getting to know my new first year students.  I have another ensoku tomorrow with one of my elementary schools and I’m super excited.  Here’s hoping it’ll be warm!

However, so much time in the sun means that I’ve gotten burned!  (It’s light, don’t worry mom.)  This is really crazy to Japanese people, who rarely burn, and especially rarely turn red.  After Monday’s ensoku to the beach, all my teachers would point at their collar bone (meaning mine) and cheeks (meaning mine), then say “Akai yo!” (It’s red!)  Then, “Itai desu ka?” (Does it hurt?)  This happened multiple times.

It doesn’t hurt, by the way.  It only itches.  

But today I did get an ouchie.  On Thursdays I have Fan Dancing and Taiko.  Well, not only are my thighs aching from the constant squatting I do during Fan Dancing, but today was the first time back at Taiko in about a month.

My hands, they were not prepared.

Our teacher came again for the first time in at least three months.  He brought with him a fellow who’s quite good at Taiko and has a lot of excellent flair.  This gave us a whole new energy to the same-old same-old routine, so we all got into it and started pounding the drums even harder and harder.  I even did the fun “Kyaaaaaaaaa!” while we were doing drumrolls (initially embarrassing, but now just plain cool).  

However, four weeks with no Taiko + super hard drumming = two really BAD blisters on my right hand.  It’s even hard to type!  Certainly hard to drive.  I’m hoping they’ll calm down by tomorrow.

Someday, I may be this cool.

Someday, I may be this cool.


Problem is they cost about $300.

Problem is they cost about $300.

Flamenco is also coming along, though I feel like I’m doing worse in that one.  Almost-Spanish-sensei changed the routine on us several times, and it’s tripping me up.  Plus now that it’s warmer and I can see my triceps flopping about, I get pretty self conscious, though I’m fighting through it.  I also really need to get flamenco shoes, as the stilettos I’m using occasionally get stuck on my skirt, and that is no good.  

We’re doing the fandango, by the way, which I didn’t know for the first three months.  I think we’re about a third of the way through learning the dance (maybe?) though possibly more.  We may or may not be performing in June, when there’s a Big Iki Culture Festival (during which I will also be doing Taiko and Fan Dancing).  I’m hoping I can get out of it until October.

More to come soon of Kat’s Guide to Being Depressed.  Probably this weekend, as I shouldn’t be too busy.  

Hope everyone is doing okay and not hurting themselves.