So while the rest of the world is flipping out about Swine Flu, happy-shiny-Iki is dealing with its own “flu pandemic”.  I say pandemic mostly because, for the amount of people sick to the amount of people total, it looks pretty bad.  I don’t actually know the real definition of pandemic.  

Anyway, for example, last week, at one of the school’s Christine teaches at, about 95% of the students were absent.  Now, this is a small school (29 students), but 25 of them were sick!  This week, at my main school, there was an average of five or six students absent from each class.  That’s about sixteen percent of the school.

Yeah, crazy talk.  And I went home early today due to nausea (boo!) and a sore throat (boo!) and overall exhaustion.  I’m hoping it’ll pass by tomorrow, as I really don’t want to be sick.  I would hate to miss any classes.  But the weekend is soon, so hopefully all will be well.  

I did have a cup of tea.  That helped.

Life on Iki is pretty swell.  I’d thought last week that rainy season had begun, but I was wrong.  However, I’m increasingly paranoid about it.  Right now I have my comforters and futons hanging outside to air out–if it starts raining in rainy season strength (read: monsoon), well, that would be bad.

Aside from that, not much happening.  What’s going on in your lives?