Stupid humidity.

WARNING!  The following is often times gross, full of unnecessary information, and really, just a ton of complaints to make myself feel better about life.

When I was just entering those formative teenage years and that whole puberty thing was happening, my body gave me an annoying side effect: migraines.  Now, for most people, migraines are just extremely painful headaches–ones that usually knock you off your feet, make you want nothing more than to pop several advil and sleep for the rest of the day.

Well, my migraines were the same.  PLUS one of my eyes would go blurry.  PLUS I’d throw up.

Really, they were super uncomfortable.  My first experience with them was on the first day of sixth grade.  I’m in math class.  Ms. Carlson is droning on about growing up or something and then BOOM!  Vomit everywhere.

Yeah, I did that.  In the classroom.  In front of 30 of my peers.  Disgusting.  Embarrassing.

This is leading somewhere.  In case you were wondering.

So humidity in Japan is pretty killer.  During rainy season (which it is now), it can reach epic levels.  Rain pours for hours at a time and it’s hot, really hot, at the same moment.  I love watching the rain, listening to it, but being stuck inside with the heaviness of the hot hair filled with moisture… well, it’s no fun.

Mostly, I thought the excessive sweating would be the worst of my problems.  But I’d forgotten that humidity (and tight hair held up to keep the neck from getting too hot) also causes other problems.

Yeah, you guessed it.  Migraines.

I had my first migraine for about seven years today.  It started during lunch.  My right eye went half blind.  I didn’t freak out as I knew the signs, so I just started chugging water, hoping that the water would get my mind working better.  Twenty minutes later I was sick to my stomach.

I resigned myself to teaching my last class (I had five today) and trudged through that without vomiting all over my students.  Thank goodness.  But it was a close call (twice).  Then I went home.  Tried to sleep. Expelled my innards.  Slept.

Ugh, I forgot how frustrating migraines are!  Unlike when I’m sick, I don’t feel less alert or tired, I just hurt.  And trust me, curry-flavored vomit is one of the most disgusting flavors there are.  (Probably too much information, but whatever.  I’m complaining.)  It’s turning me off curry for at least a week.  Sad, as I have a whole pot in my fridge.

And I’d been having such a good day “teaching.”  (Really, fun classes.  I taught my third years the Cha-cha Slide and the Twist.  My second years learned the game Mafia.)  I hate not doing my best in class, not making it interesting.  I especially hate leaving school early, since I already leave earlier than everyone else as it is.

But I suppose that’s the way it goes.

I still have a bit of a pound going on in the back of my head, but I’m not nauseous, and not blind.  Better than nothing.  I’ll probably be better tomorrow.

How’s the weather treating you fine folks?

and oh!

HARRY POTTER!  HARRY POTTER!  HARRY POTTER!  (K@’s countdown: two days!)