What Taiko Should Look Like

If you remember awhile back, I showed you the video of the Gaijin Taiko Troupe performing for our Iki audience.  Well, this last weekend, Iki had another festival (yay!) the day after a torrential downpour that almost left me, my friend, and my poor car stranded in the middle of a raging flash flood.  But all is well.

In any case, I’m not really sure what this festival is about, but different groups around town make these really large, detailed floats and carry them on their shoulders around the town.  There is also lots of beer drinking.  As there well should be, I guess.  The day before all this festivities, they show off the floats and have some general festival-type goodness, one of which was Taiko.

One of the local high schools has a very skilled group of girls who make me jealous every time they beat a drum.  I wish I could be as good as them, but alas, that would require actual talent.  🙂  In any case, enjoy: