Things to do in Tokyo

A bit of an overview before I get into it later.  When, I don’t know, as I actually am busy.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

So, things to do in Tokyo when you Don’t Know What Else to do:

  • Have a random man from Togo propose to you.
  • Eat Reuichi’s gyoza (SO GOOD)
  • Watch a Japanese man rap in English at B-Ball Park
  • Get propositioned by a not-so-seedy looking 25-year-old (and say no)
  • Eat at BURGER KING
  • Giggle with Tomo-chan
  • Meet new friends very randomly
  • Buy a new nalgene (number three) and lose it the next day (but then find it again)
  • Admire the Japanese greasers (especially the excessive tape on their shoes… though their hair is pretty damn awesome, too)
  • Get attacked by mosquitoes at Yasukuni shrine
  • Play with magnets at the science museum
  • Walk around the entire perimeter of the Imperial Palace
  • Take pictures of Shibuya clandestinely (and almost get in trouble for it)
  • Get bloody water tossed on your feet at Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Get asked out by a random shopkeeper working above a condom store.

It was a weird, but very enjoyable, couple of days.  Lots of pictures to come, unless I get too lazy, at which point there’ll only be a few.  🙂