I have returned from my jaunt through South Korea!  Wahoo!  I’m alive!  I’m connected to the internet!  I’m back on Iki!  My house smells like mold!

Well, that last one isn’t very exciting.  But it’s my fault for not replacing the ghetto dehumidifiers.

Some highlights:

  • Okay, this has nothing to do with Korea, but my crit partner landed an agent!  HUZZAH!  Fireworks everywhere!  She totally deserves it.
  • The DMZ is surprisingly upbeat in a hilarious, doesn’t-quite-match-the-vibe sort of way.
  • Seoul has fantastic greek food.
  • Really, Seoul’s selection of foreign food is just amazing overall.
  • I am really out of shape.
  • I don’t like traveling somewhere where I don’t speak the language.  Still not learning Korean until after I, 1) “perfect” Japanese and Chinese, and 2) get a good conversational start on Farsi, as that’s next on the list.
  • The coolest and rudest people in Korea are the “Ajumma,” married women over the age of 40 who wear this outrageous visors and heftily mismatched print clothing (flowers and leopard print?  Awesome).  They pretty much do what they darn well please.
  • I have a freaking good deal here on Iki.  My life is amazing.
  • Everything in Korea, at some point or another, was destroyed by invading Japanese.
  • They use really cool colors in their temples.
  • I like Busan better than Seoul.
  • You meet the most interesting people by traveling.
  • I’m really amped to study for the Foreign Service Exam now.
  • While there may be good hiking in Korea, there is not so much good directions (especially in English) on how to accomplish said hiking.

So please tell me your fantastic news!  Or even your not so fantastic antics over the last ten days.

I’m ready to get back in the thick of life on Iki: planning lessons, writing my book, and fundraising for charity: water.  Apparently the article I wrote on that topic hit the newspaper last week.  I’m a little worried because I wasn’t here in case people asked questions, but I’m hoping I got some donations anyway.  I guess I’ll see when I go to school tomorrow.  If not, well, I’ve just gotta keep trying.