So, when I should be doing a number of different things (reading the newspaper, writing thank-you notes, preparing more charity: water fundraising materials, writing my romance novel, planning lessons, working out, etc.) often times I just read a book or watch how-to videos on You Tube.  Yes, I know this is not a very good idea, but I can’t seem to help myself.  Or that and I know my limits, and I’m generally pretty good at gauging how much to procrastinate.

So for the last, oh, month or so, I’ve been struggling with this hair design:

Victory rolls!

Victory rolls!

I struggle for a number of reasons.  One: contrary to popular belief, I’m not really that coordinated.  Two: my hair is much longer than most of the people who make victory-roll videos on YouTube.  Thus I had to revise my technique.  Three: I don’t really like using a lot of hairspray and gel.  Victory rolls requires a lot of both.  And Four: it’s really difficult for me to pin bobby pins in correctly.  Seriously.  I don’t know why, I just can’t do it.

Anyway, today after I conquered the sock bun, I decided to try, one more time, to force my hair into victory rolls. And although it’s not the neatest thing in the world, holy guacamole and a bag of parcheesy sticks, I did it!

Now I just need some navy man to approach me on the street at the end of a war and kiss me senseless.

Now I just need some navy man to approach me on the street at the end of a war and kiss me senseless.

I’m gonna play around with it s’more, but I’m quite pleased overall.  I also need to invest in liquid eyeliner and somehow get my hands on fantastically-red lipstick that will look good on my skin tone (difficult for a number of reasons, not least of which is that I live in Japan, where people have crazy-different skin tones from me).

In other news that’s a bit less vain…

I’ve almost reached the 10% point of my fundraising goal for charity water.  That’s pretty exciting.

I ordered enough unpopped popcorn to fill a bathtub.  When popped, that is.

I’ve read five books in the last two weeks.  Looking to do two more this week.

Pretty sure I’m gonna buy a kindle, despite the fact that I’ll still have to pay more for books.  At least now I’ll get them straightaway instead of twiddling my thumbs for four weeks, like I’m doing now.

Speaking of books, learned of a good one from Jon Stewart: the Boy who Harnessed the Wind.  I’m buying it next time I do an amazon order.

Thanksgiving dinner is coming along.  Have to figure out how to rent a room at culture hall.  Then I need to make sure I can use the high school kitchens–again.  I don’t have a big enough oven for turkeys.

Oh yeah, the flamenco performance is next Sunday.  I should practice.  I’m also wildly in love with my flamenco dress.

Plans are mostly finalized for Yakushima.  I still need to reserve a bus ticket from Fukuoka to Nagasaki for conference, and I should probably reserve a seat for the ferry to Yakushima, but aside from that, I’ve got my travel plans set.  HUZZAH!

You know your Japanese is good when you can function (usually) on a phone for regular things.  Nice progress self.  :: pats back::

Anyway.  I know I should write a blog about South Korea, but I think I’m just gonna stare fondly at my victory rolls s’more.  😀