Dear Mom

Go read Catching Fire, the sequel to the Hunger Games, right now.  You asked me to give you my recommendation.  There it is.  It’s that good.

And everyone else who wants a friggin’ fantastic social commentary, super real characters with understandable motivations and problems, and even better–tension between them (Gale versus Peeta!  Agh!  I don’t know who I like better!), an amazingly built post-apocalyptic, dystopic world… well, you better as heck pick up the first two books in them, too.

Seriously, I finished Catching Fire and immediately wanted to start over and read the whole thing again.  That good.

The second book of the trilogy.

The second book of the trilogy.

(I didn’t reread it, because I have six other books in my TBR pile.  Am now reading the Forest of Hands and Teeth.)

FTC Disclosure: First, it’s super lame that I have to do this, but! here we go.  I bought this book of my own volition from Amazon and am reviewing it similarly of my own volition because I thought it was rocking awesome.  I don’t know Suzanne Collins.
…I’m such a tool.