Oh my Word.

Found this really entertaining java application via Nathan Bransford’s blog, and I thought I’d try it with Sapphire Stars to see whether there were any problem words repeated too often.  So this script, Wordle, takes a chunk of writing (in this case, 83,000 words) and counts them all, then picks out the ones you use most often, then turns it into  a prettified graphic.

Here’s the first, NOT INCLUDING commonly used English words.  Pretty appropriate for a romance novel where the hero’s name is “Jek” (Jeksob) and the heroine is Anynka.  Sorry it’s so small.  Please click to make it bigger.  I don’t know how to do screen captures with macs yet.

Wordle: Sapphire Stars

Then here’s the one that does include commonly used words. (I was a little amazed, not gonna lie.)

Wordle: Sapphire Stars 2