Quick Update

Am not dead.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time:

  • Getting healthy by going to the gym three times a week (cross your fingers for me that I keep this up)
  • Taiko, Flamenco, Fan Dancing, as usual
  • Had my students translate How the Grinch Stole Christmas (adventure and a half)
  • Edited the entirety of my Young Adult novel in a ten-hour bonanza
  • Thinking about writing the next romance
  • Trying to find a karate dojo to learn karate
  • And also, want to surf.
  • Socializing
  • Making cookies (today: sugar cookies, tomorrow: chocolate truffles)
  • Still reading/studying for the foreign service exam (yeah, Africa!)
  • Also, so far this month (according to Good Reads) have read two books just for kicks.  This will get up to three soon once I finish my giant Africa book.
  • Being cold (gonna reach freezing today, and yes, I’m still living in a house with no insulation and no central heating.  Huzzah!)
  • charity: water donations still randomly trickling in even though I’m technically done with my campaign

Once school winds down and I am all alone on Iki, hopefully I won’t just be a lazy bum.  I’d like to add some of the pictures I’ve never posted–i.e., Hiroshima and South Korea–and other random things to explain what it’s like living in the Land of the Rising Sun.

So rock on kids.

Any quick update on your lives?