Can’t Hear You…

…over the sound of all the delicious cookies I made today.

The current list (should be updated tomorrow, when I make some more… of course, this depends on how much Mass Effect I play):

  1. Peppermint Bark Cheesecake (my own recipe!  Ma!  I’m writing my own recipes now!)
  2. Sugar Cookies galore
  3. Russian Tea Cakes (though, for some reason, these pooped out on me)
  4. Gingersnaps
  5. Truffles (of both the Cointreau and Peppermint variety)
  6. Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars–take forever, but full of delicious)

Got a lot left on my list to get through.  I really want to get them all done before the big Fri-Christmas-Day, so I can give them to my schools when I go in for work (yes, I work on Christmas–it is Japan), but who knows what I’ll really accomplish?  I better make that Strawberry Pie though.  The strawberries ain’t gonna last long.

Zimtsterne - Except mine don't look nearly that orderly.