I really can’t hear you…

…over the sound of all the delicious goodies that I made today with the help of Ava “Tank” Flave.

Today’s recipes:

  1. Holiday Poppyseed Cookies
  2. Finished up the cinnamon stars (they looked way better today!)
  3. Rum balls
  4. Grasshopper bars
  5. Chocolate Malt Bars
  6. Strawberry Pie

Combined with the delicious foods we made yesterday, I think that’s a pretty good haul for an oven that can only fit nine cookies (most) at a time, or a single pie.  I’m exhausted though.  Cross your fingers that I don’t sleep in again.  I really don’t need to be late to work… again…


I’ll take some pictures of the completed projects when I’m not about to collapse.  Though I’m still not technically done.  The pie is still a-spinning in the “oven,” and the grasshopper bars needs its chocolate top.  But I should be finished before 1 am!  Which would be nice.