Spring Term

I’m about to finish winter vacation–going back to school tomorrow–and I feel like I’m a failure.  I barely left my house the last two weeks!  And half the reason I did at all was because I went to take pictures for my resolution.  I did at least start studying Chinese, and I’ll study some Japanese tomorrow.  I also edited several chapters of  my young adult novel, and did some crits for my wonderful crit  partner.

Speaking of which, I need to e-mail her.

Anyway.  Regardless, I spent most of break playing video games and being bitter that either a) my dragon age game was scratched, or b) my dragon age game is taking aaaages to arrive.  (Come today!  Please!)  Suffice to say that when I am the only foreigner on Iki, I become a hermit.  I will force myself to spend time with other people this weekend.  Swear to Jesus.

As spring term dawns, though, I’m both excited and sad.  Excited because a lot of good lessons are coming up, and also Spring on Iki is b-e-autiful, though I still have to get through the rest of January and February.  (And I still might miss the cherry blossoms, as I’m going home on the 23rd for my sister’s wedding.)  Sad because my favorite classes will be graduating in March.  They’re the best students.  The most involved.  And they get my humor!  What will I do without them?


In any case, I think it’ll be a good spring term, regardless.

And if you’re checking out my 365 project, I had a difficult time deciding between the picture I posted and the one below.  Which do you like better?

The port of Gounoura at night. We're such a big city! XD