The Week in Review (January 10-16)

Hours studied Japanese: 2-ish

Hours studied Chinese: 1.5

Hours played video games: Countless.

Pictures taken: 111

Classes taught: 12

Words written on New Book: 0

Chapters edited on Old Book: 2

Crits done: 1

Foods baked: 1 (Banana Bread)

Movies watched: uh… 3? (Hot Fuzz, Transformers 2, and… PS I Love You?  Maybe?)

Books read: 2 (Beautiful Creatures and The Bottom Billion)

Times I thought I need to get a life: 8

Well, hey, I may live in Japan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all adventure-adventure-adventure.  I have exciting weeks, I have normal weeks.  This is one of those normal weeks.  I blame it partially on being broke, and partially on bioware for making such an amazing game.