The Week in Review (Jan 17-23)

Hours studied Chinese: 1

Hours studied Japanese: …well, I did speak Japanese a lot.  …that doesn’t really count.  Okay, .5.  I’ve already failed at my resolution.  But I’m gonna keep trying anyway.

Pictures taken: 135

Words written on New Book: 0 (but I did plot it)

Chapters edited on Old Book: 3

Hours exercised: 1

Cost of last month’s electricity: 7,203 yen (versus 3,541 yen the month before.  It was really cold!)

Colds caught: 1 (bah!)

Times I ate in a restaurant: 3

Goods baked: 1 (Mexican Peanut Cookies)

Hours of video games played: Countless, but less than last week

Movies watched: …2? (The Right Stuff and Music of the Heart)

Can I just say that I hate, hate being sick?  I’m not even really badly sick, either.  I can still breathe out of my nose, for instance.  But I’ve had a headache all day today, and I just feel exhausted.  And driving was a good adventure (I probably shouldn’t have) because the road moving beneath me made me dizzy.

But hey, good news!  We got paid this last week so I’m no longer so poor.  This month I will manage my finances better so I can leave my house more often.  Swears.