Had one of the strangest weeks last week (in that it vacillated between total awesomeness and pretty not awesome, though I won’t say terrible) followed by an okay but FREEZING week this week.  (And I’ve still forgotten to put the safety pins into my kimono, as ordered by Graceful-sensei.)  I’ve also messed up my sleeping schedule again due to 1) August Rush, 2) Emma (the newest BBC mini-series, thanks DARA, you jerk, for making me watch it because you knew I’d like it), and 3) Zombieland (ah, the hilarity!).

On the other hand, this week has also been good because I feel like I’ve gotten… sort of… back into a writerly stride.  I don’t want to say more because every time I get too excited I jinx my muse and fall back into a tedium of crapity-crap-trap.

Mom sent me twizzlers.  Delicious!

Also: getting fat.  Should maybe stop eating twizzlers.  And cupcakes.  And brownies.  And chocolate.  And (insert substance made mostly of processed sugar here, because I’m probably eating it).

Still cold.

I can’t believe it’s almost March.  I can’t believe I’ll be visiting home in about a month.  It seems like such a long time since I’ve been in the homeland.  (Which, let’s be honest, it has.)  Mom: You should  stock up on baking supplies.  Not sure how much I’m going to make, but I’m thinking at least one cheesecake, one batch of cookies, one batch of cupcakes, and maybe a bar cookie of some kind.  We’ll see.

Still keeping up with taking a picture-a-day, though it would be easier if it would quit being so cold and rainy.  HOWEVER, despite the freezing weather, damn MOSQUITOES have returned to Iki.  AAAAGH!

😦  Someone fix it.  What the heck do mosquitoes do, anyway?

All right, that’s enough blathering.  I think I’m gonna play some Mass Effect 2 before fan dancing, now.