11 Days!

Going to America for the first time since I got in Japan about 18 months ago.  Ridiculously excited.  However, this has put me into a thoughtful mood about my life here in Japan and a life in America.

While in America, I’m worried that I’ll…

  • Yell “EXCUSE ME!” at waiters to get their attention–something that’s socially acceptable here
  • Slurp
  • Bow at everyone and everything
  • Speak Japanese at people who are clearly not Japanese
  • Forget to tip (you don’t tip in Japan)
  • Say slightly, if not overtly, rude things about the random people around me because, hey, in Japan they don’t understand my English, but they will in America…
  • Make peace signs in every picture
  • Take my safety for granted and leave my purse places, doors unlocked, baggage unattended, etc., because Japan is so much safer than anywhere in America (by a long shot)

But I’m so excited for

  • Shoes and clothing that fit!
  • Sarah’s wedding and spending time with the fam
  • Mexican food
  • Normal sized ovens
  • Seeing my friends
  • Real bread, and more bread than just white bread (and also anything bread related: pretzels, bagels, donuts, chips…)
  • Human ethnic diversity
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Cheap fruit
  • Being oh-so-briefly rich (because I saved lots of money)
  • Not getting stared at or comments like, “Woah, a foriegner!”  “Ah, you speak Japanese!  Amazing!”  “Wow, your chopstick skills are practically legendary.”  “Chotto…”

Except I know I’m gonna miss these things, even though it’ll only be three weeks:

  • Iki sushi/sashimi
  • Iki beaches
  • The ocean in general (except while I’m in Seattle, obs.)
  • My kotatsu
  • The Iki crew
  • Curry friday
  • Dekopon oranges (so damn good)
  • Iki strawberries (mmm…)
  • Cherry blossom season
  • Green tea
  • Matcha-flavored everything
  • Iki beef
  • Engrish

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Holy bejebus though, I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon!  I bet next week goes by in a flash, too.