10 Things that Should Happen to Me but Won’t

  1. Cory Monteith decides to take a vacation to Japan and winds up, via magic, on Iki, at which point we meet and make out.  (I just watched some Glee, yes.)
  2. Someone comes to my house and installs a normal-(American)-sized oven.
  3. And a fridge.
  4. Wireless internet is put in at all of my schools so’s I can freely browse facebook read the news after I finish all my work.
  5. Japanese shoe sellers start selling size 25 for women.
  6. Bioware calls and tells me that, yes, they do want me to be a beta tester for all their games in the future.  (I’d do it for frees!  SWEAR!)
  7. Asparagus never goes out of season.
  8. Supermarkets on Iki begin to sell raspberries and brussel sprouts.  Mmmm…
  9. My face stops peeling because of epiduo.  (It is getting better… I think.)
  10. I stop craving peanut butter m&ms.