More randomness because my life isn’t interesting right now

  1. So despite the fact that Vanessa Hudgens kinda bothers me (there’s just something about her face… and her voice…), I actually want to see this movie.  I think part of it is that I’ve always loved classic fairy tales, and thus retellings of them are mucho wonderful, but also because it might be a not-quite useless diversion, as Neil Patrick Harris is in it, so I think that means it might be good.
  2. I have a sore throat!  But not a full blown cold.  And let me tell you, sore throats are suuuuper lame.  Because you always feel like you are thirsty!  Which is very frustrating when I’m drinking water and tea all the damn time.  And sore throats are especially lame in Japan, because my usual recipe for a cure, the hot totty, cannot be drunk the majority of the time.  That’s because I need to drive, and Japan allows for a 0.0% BAL whilst driving.
  3. It’s very cold on Iki, and that is silly because it’s nearly May.  This time last year I was running around in short sleeves.  SHORT SLEEVES, my four readers.  Now I’m still wearing jackets everywhere and I regret putting away my kotatsu blanket.
  4. Apparently I have both a flamenco performance and a fan dancing performance in the next two months.  Hm.
  5. Even though I haven’t posted new images in ages, I swears that I’ve been taking photos for 365 every day.  I have at least seven that I need to add to catch up.  They’re not that interesting the majority of the time but… yanno… it’s what I’ve been getting up to since I’ve been back.
  6. Even though money is going to be tight for the next several months, I am ridiculously excited for Danielle’s visit (and our subsequent jaunt through parts of Japan and China); buying an iPhone!; beach weather!
  7. However, why the hey is it taking so long for several books that I want to read to be published?  Hey, authors, you have impatient fans!  SATISFY ME!  (This also includes books that are published in print but not available on the kindle.)
  8. And also: parents, I want to talk to you.  Get on skyyyyyyyype.