Important Question about Life:

Why don’t more men know how to dance?


Because, personal opinion, and I’m going to say that the large majority of women agree with me, but a man who can dance is incredibly sexy.  Like, his sexy meter will get a +15 bonus as soon as he steps on the dance floor and shows that he understands the concept of a beat.

So why do men find, yanno, going to a dance class and maybe learning how to move such a foreign concept?  Don’t most men want to get chicks?  And don’t they want a surefire way to do so?

Well, feast your eyes on the man-meat that is Gerard Butler.  Four years ago he had a goatee the size of a small country, but now I’m salivating over him.  For serious, this is what straight men should do to get chicks.

The end.  I’m gonna finish watching the movie now.  🙂