Dear Mom, and also, other thoughts.

Dear Mom,

I read a book I think you would LOVE.  It’s called Unwind.  It can, occasionally, get a little too didactic for me, but the characters are real and sympathetic, and it proposes a number of interesting questions.  And it’s also very creative.  Here is the link.  Buy it and read it.  And then tell your book club to.  And I hope this doesn’t make more people Tea Baggers (hahahaah!) because that would just defeat the purpose.


Your daughter.

Other thoughts:

It’s been raining nonstop since I started reading Unwind about six hours ago.  I wonder if that means it’s flooding again?  Around-ish this time last year we had a huge rainstorm that flooded the island.  It was awesome.

However, that is frustrating my wish to go out and take pictures.  I’d wanted to take advantage of the new moon and try for some actual star trails photos.  The shoddy weather is not helping.  Though it does sound nice.

Made a fantastic lunch today.  I now have more food in my refrigerator (leftovers!) than at any other point since Thanksgiving–which was leftovers, and most of which wasn’t mine.

Now I want to read another book.  Unwind was the first book I read since the Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia. I read those during Golden week–May 3rd and 4th.  This is how much I’ve been playing the sims!  Let me tell you, the Sims is dangerous, and I’m hereby enforcing a ban until at least next Saturday.  I will write, read, or entertain myself via the interwebs.  NO VIDEO GAMES unless it be studying Japanese or Chinese.

…oh geez, I’m gonna be so bored.  Though I do have a Bead-Art class on Wednesday, I think.

I’m so sleepy.  Bah.

I guess that means I should go to sleep.

All right then.  Night folks!