And the paranoia grows…

As it slowly (but surely) gets warmer here on Iki, the bugs are beginning to get braver.  Either that or they’ve just quit hibernating beneath my floors.  Killed a cockroach last night.  No recent mukade sightings in my house*, but after this post from Oji-san Jake, I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time.

May I not have anything like that  bite on his face happen to me!  (However, the photos of the mukade are morbidly fascinating.  Almost makes me want to catch some for my own.  Almost.)

*On Saturday, Ava and I walked to Christine’s house because the weather was nice.  It’s about a 9km walk, I’d say.  When we finally arrived, we spotted a 10-12cm one on the road.  I’m assuming it was dead.