365 Out takes: June 6th

A few of the pictures that I thought were good, but maybe not as interesting as the one that I posted on my project 365 blog.  What do you think?  Did I make the right decision?

The person in the center is my flamenco teacher. She's sooooo good. (Makes sense.)


Yet again, I had a great time dancing with Ava.  We danced (Japanese Fan Dancing, not Flamenco this time) to 愛とどきますか (Is this love?) by a very famous singer… Takeo Michiko?  Maybe?  One of my favorite parts of Fan Dancing is imagining the story of the song based on the dance alone, as I usually can’t understand all of the lyrics.  I think nearly all fan dancing songs are sad.  Because I’m always “crying” and falling down and crying some more in them.

HOWEVER! Another group of girls (elementary schoolers) danced to a song called “It’s raining.”  It made me giggle because when they entered and exited the stage, they had their hands cupped over their heads, as if protecting them from rain.  😀

I’d forgotten, though, how epically hot it can get underneath the kimono.  The lady who dressed me today really padded me in!  I was covered in towels and tied with eight or nine different ties.  It was madness!  But fun.  Until I spilled pineapple juice all over the kimono… which isn’t mine!  AHHHHHH!  (I was freaking out, and once I saw my teacher, I told her what happened.  I even asked my Japanese friends how to apologize EXTREMELY politely.  Then my teacher told me, “It’s okay, it’s just polyester.”  I think my relief was visible.)

All right, K@ out!